Eagle plate grabs are manufactured with safety and reliability, assured as they comply with international technical and quality assurance standards. An extensive range of Eagle plate grabs are kept in stock and clamps for specialised applications are also available.

EAGLE Universal Grab

Designed to enable single plates to be turned over or lifted from the horizontal to the true vertical position efficiently and safely. Available with standard hook ring or with integral short chain sling. Suitable for all structural steel up to 300 Brinell surface hardness.


EAGLE Hinged Universal Grab

Designed to enable single plates or fabrications to be lifted at any angle for safe handling of awkward lifts previously considered hazardous. The eye can be fitted with a swivel for increased versatility which can also be insulated to allow welding to be carried out while suspended.


hoists4c EAGLE Heavy Duty Horizontal Plate Grab

These clamps feature smooth jaws and are used in pairs, usually suspended from a lifting beam by a two-legged sling, for lifting single plates in a horizontal position.
Maximum sling angle 90o.

hoists4d EAGLE Pile Pitching Grab

These clamps are designed specifically for pitching sheet steel piling, with the advantage of a 15 metre rope for easy release of the clamp from the ground level. This present a faster and safer method than the laborious procedure of release when using a standard shackle. Not designed for extraction of driven piles.

EAGLE Oxygen Bottle Grab

Grab designed specifically for the safe lifting and handling of gas bottles. Large rubber lined jaws are fitted to protect the bottle surface.

EAGLE Plastic Grab

This clamp is manufactured from nylon with a polycarbonated moving jaw and rubber lined fixed pad. Designed for handling plastics, thin sheet plate, and composite materials.


hoists4g EAGLE Screwlock Grab – Shackle Suspension

Screwlok clamps are designed to fit the flanges of RSJ’s and Universal beams as a semi-permanent lifting point suitable for use with powered hoists, chain blocks, Tirfors etc. The SC92 range has a shackle incorporated for load suspension.

hoists4h EAGLE Horizontal Girder Grab

This new clamp is based on the Camlok TTG clamp, however it incorporates several additional features to make it easier to use:
A chain type lock in place of the usual locking lever which makes the clamp easier to open and close.
A handle on the back of the clamp to aid in positioning onto the girder.